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The Eductor allows the operator to either fill the sprayer tank using the venturi (keeping all chemical on the discharge side of the pump), or create a closed-loop system between the pump and the Eductor for maximum agitation.



• 40 or 80 gallon tank

• 100-240 flow at 30psi

• Max discharge - 20ft.

• Low profile

• Works with bulk systems

• Slitting & rinse knife–optional

• Agitator/Rinse system

• Available in 2” or 3” plumbing

Horvick Eductor 40/80

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Mix Tanks

This new product by Free Form Plastics is a cutting-edge way of mixing and blending your chemicals for your agricultural needs. The Chembine incorporates all the features of a typical chemical mixer, plus adds some user-friendly features while dramatically improving on the cutting knife, agitation, rinse and drain, stability, visibility, and ergonomics. Available in 75 gallon capacity.

The Chembine

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