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Shortline Ag, Inc. is a growing retail agricultural product provider located in northeastern Montana.


Established in 1979 as Allen Juel Properties, the company originally provided on-the-farm seed cleaning.  Allen traveled from farm to farm in eastern Montana, using a variety of grain moving equipment.  In the process, he became familiar with the best products available and became a salesman for some of these companies.


In 1995 it became clear that the demands of this "sideline" business presented a greater opportunity to serve the needs of farmers, so the product line was expanded to include grain storage and other agriculture related products.


In 2011 the company incorporated and became Shortline Ag, Inc.  In the spring of 2011, construction began on a new facility to accommodate our expanding product line and staff.


We have grown and changed greatly in the last 20 years, but our purpose remains the same - Listen to a farmer's needs and provide the best available solution.

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